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If you can not find the paper you are looking for in the list below, this could be due to the speaker not giving permission for their paper to be listed on our website. Otherwise it may be a published or potentially published paper and therefore cannot be listed on our website. Please enquire with the Riversymposium Office if there is a specific paper you are searching for which is not listed below.


 DUNCAN Leonie


2008 Audio Presentations

The following audio presentations have been listed by session number with the speakers permission. Any presentations that are not listed below we have not been given permission to publish. Please enquire with the Riversymposium Office if there is a specific presentation you are searching for which is not listed below.

MONDAY 1 Sept, 2008 WEDNESDAY 3 Sept, 2008
A1 - Bergkamp and Bartram C1 - Herbert Dreiseitl
A2A - Hoegh-Guldberg, Gordon, Yorkston and Heath C2A - Barwick, Wilson, Alexandra and Roberts
A2B - Young and Matthews C2B - Male, Parkinson and Payne
A2C - Gamage, Hafeez, Martin and Verdon C2C - Goodyear, Lane and Zhao
A2D - Ahern, Collier, Pethybridge and Webb C2D - Austin, Foster, Grun and Twomey
A2E - Duncan, Hunter-Xenie, Powell and Ross C2E - Kamalov, Shaheen, Weller and Zhai
A2F - Bari, Holland Clift, Lagutov and Lamberts C2F - Turpin and Wong
A3A - Wooding, Annand and Arthur C3A - Campbell, Burns, White and Ward
A3B - Blanch, Heydon and Walker C3B - Chen, Foy, Gonzales-Villela, silva and Tek
A3C - Connell and Ross C3C - Longstaff, Maroulis, Mujere, Pasa, Tennant and Tisdell
A3D - Blockwell and Yang C3D - Brun, Campbell, Manukalo, Liska and Onyekakeyah
A3E - Baldwin, Hamilton, Pittock and Skrandies-Martin C3E - Artz, Butler and Hoban
A3F - Busiinge, Moran, Nandalal and Salmina C3F - Barton, Hamlyn-Harris, Ring, Tripodi, Wong and Yang
A4 - Ash and Menzies C4A - Gudkov and Sadiki
  C4B - Dennison, Hoverman, Shaw and Williams
TUESDAY 2 Sept, 2008 C4C - Asio, Bonnerjee, Garnett and Platt
B1 - de Fraiture and Freitas  
B2A - Lynam and Baker THURSDAY 4 Sept, 2008
B2C - Bocharnikova, Cote and Thorburn D1B - Kroon, Webster, Westcott and McJannet
B2D - Baldwin, Johasen, O'Kane and Pickersgill D1C - Limpus, McKiernan, Meegasmullage and Motiee
B2E - Baldwin, Constantin and Maynard D1D - Buchan, Popov, Schofield and Hansen
B2F - Connell, Marr, Puttaswamaiah and Story  
B3A - Clausen, Bergkamp, Barnes and Matthews  
B3B - Akegbejo-Samsons, Arumugam and Neal  
B3C - Do, Hidayat, Mavlyanov and Rissik  
B3D - Campbell, Kamaladasa, Piyadasa and Popov  
B4A - Claydon, Cox, Dovers, Hussey, Kenway, Marsh, Hooper and Clausen  
B4B - Catterall, Farthing, Hough, Mathews, Webb, and Udy  
B4C - Bansuan, Bhuiyan, Driver, Nandy and Wulandari  
B4D - Adame, Behera, Hania and Reardon-Smith  
B4E - Hales, Limaye, Ogonjo, Pinsky, and Pittock  
B4F - Fleming, Mills, Flynn, Prosser, Verdon, Kingsford and Langford  

2008 Presentations


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