Are you committed to making a difference to our rivers and waterways?
Thiess Services is proud to partner with the International Riversymposium and sponsor the River Management Young Achievers Award over the next three years.
This important initiative identifies and rewards individuals under 35 who have demonstrated innovation and excellence in river and waterways management.
In the past, the awards have predominantly recognised those in the academic arena. From 2012, the awards will not only focus on academic research, but will broaden its horizon to include any individual waterway or river management contribution where innovation and excellence is the outcome.
To recognise the importance of this award, the winner will receive $3,000, with each of the three runners up receiving $250. Entries close on 30 April 2012.
Further information will be available shortly. To register your interest, email Jess Stonier.
If you have undertaken great work in this area, or know someone who has, we encourage you to consider entering these prestigious awards.

Winner of the 2010 Future Water Leaders Award
Christopher Hallet, WA

Image: Judges Nick Schofield and Ray Froend, award winner Christopher Hallett, finalist Dominic Skinner and judge Ross Fryar.



Winner of the 2009 Young Water Scientist Award:
Sonia Leonard

Image: Andrew Gadd, Sonia Leonard, Samuel Brooke