Melbourne, Victoria
Voted many times over as one of the world's most livable cities, Melbourne is celebrated for its friendly locals, efficient services, laid-back atmosphere, fine wine and dining and world-class meeting facilities, included MCEC where the conference is located..
Melbourne is set around the shores of Port Phillip Bay, and its Central Business District is laid out in a large, rectangular grid, with trams servicing all major streets, making it easy to make your way around the city.
But it's within Melbourne's hidden laneways that the city comes to life. Here you will experience Melbourne's contagious passion for coffee at chic cafes, sample award-winning local beer and wine at boutique bars, and gain a unique insight into local culture by visiting avant-garde art galleries.
A cosmopolitan city, Melbourne is located on the northern banks of the picturesque Yarra River, home to the Southbank precinct which boasts boutique shopping and internationally-acclaimed restaurants.
Melbourne is also celebrated as Australia's home to the arts, sport and shopping. Yet just one hour's drive trakes you to a world away - take your pick from 100 local vineyards, rest and relax at an award-winning day spa, tee-off at a world-class golf course, swim with dolphins, or snowboard in the mountains during winter.
Whatever you're looking for in Melbourne, the capital of the State of Victoria, you won't be disappointed.

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