Keynote speakers for 2012 are currently being identified and invited.
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Audio and PowerPoint presentations for the 2011 keynote speakers are available on the proceedings page.

2011 Keynote Speakers
Mr Ingwer de Boer, General Director, Programme Directorate Room for River of Rijkswaterstaat
Ingwer de Boer is currently General Director for the Programme Directorate Room for the River of Rijkswaterstaat (the executive branch of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management). He is also Chairman of the Steering Group of the INTERREG IV B project ALFA.
Ingwer de Boer has more than 30 years experience within Rijkswaterstaat, in the areas of national and international water management, inland shipping and road management. His positions have included that of General Director of the Regional Directorate of Utrecht, and Department Head at Rijkswaterstaat’s Headquarters. His interests have manifested itself in additional positions in the Board of Directors for Utrecht’s Cultural Heritage Trust and the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for Utrecht’s Landscape.
Ingwer the Boer is an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Wageningen.
View Ingwer's abstract titled, 'Room for the River, Experiences from The Netherlands'.
Mr Phil Duncan, Senior Policy Officer, Operational Policy Unit New South Wales, Aboriginal Land Council, Australia

Phil Duncan is a member of the Gamilaroi Nation from Moree, North Western New South Wales. Phil is currently a Senior Policy Officer for the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council and Chair of the First Peoples’ Water Engagement Council. He brings an extensive background and membership on many committees and councils including the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s, Native Fish Strategy and the Demonstration Reach Steering Committee, and was the inaugural Chair of the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water’s, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee. In 2002 Phil was involved in the negotiations to establish the NSW Aboriginal Water Trust and has represented the interests of Aboriginal people in NSW on a range of other committees.
View Phil's abstract titled, 'First peoples water engagement council: cultural and spiritual values in rivers'.

Prof Barry T Hart, Member of the Murray Darling Basin Authority
Professor Barry T Hart is currently a member of the Murray Darling Basin Authority.
He spent most of his working life as Director of the Water Studies Centre at Monash University.  Since retiring from Monash he assumed the role of Director of the environmental consulting company – Water Science Pty Ltd.  He is also an Emeritus Professor by Monash University.
He is well known nationally and internationally in the fields of ecological risk assessment, environmental flow decision-making, water quality and catchment management and environmental chemistry. 
Additionally, he is well known for his sustained efforts in developing knowledge-based decision making processes in natural resource management in Australia and south-east Asia (particularly with the Mekong River Commission).
He also chairs a large number of scientific advisory committees, and is President and Board Chair of Greening Australia (Victoria).
View Barry's abstract titled, 'The Murray-Darling Basin Plan: A Paradigm Shift in River Basin Planning and Management'.
Prof Toine Smits, Head of Department of Sustainable Management of Resources, Radboud University, the Netherlands

Prof Dr A.J.M. (Toine) Smits is a professor of Sustainable Water Management leads the Department of Sustainable Management of Resources at the Radboud University in the Netherlands. Results of research activities undertaken whilst completing study and his PhD at Radboud University contributed to the identification and realisation of a large number of restoration measures that were carried out along the Rhine tributaries in The Netherlands. In later years, Toine was head of the Department of Strategy, Environment and Land Use Planning, as well as head of the Department Integrated Water Management at the Rijkswaterstaat division, East Netherlands, the organisation responsible for both flood protection and ecological rehabilitation of the Rhine tributaries in The Netherlands. Throughout his career, Prof Smits has endeavoured to promote the cross-sectoral cooperation between academia and water management organisations and interdisciplinary research. He has launched or contributed to many national and transnational task forces elaborating sustainable management of delta’s. Most of these task forces became self-propelling and are still productive today - Centre for Water & Society (The Netherlands), Transnational Ecosystem Based Water Management (The Netherlands-Germany), Integrated River Basin Management CCICED Taskforce (China), Real Change Programme, The Natural Step, Sweden.
View Toine's abstract titled, 'Evolution of west European river basin management.'