Rivers are the lifeblood of human settlements providing a myriad of ecosystem services. As the global population passes 7 billion, the sustainable management of our rivers and water resources is crucial.
The 15th International Riversymposium, 8-11 October 2012 in Melbourne, Australia will look at Rivers in a Rapidly Urbanising World and will explore the intricately linked pressures on rivers as our urban population grows and expands.
There are 6 key themes that will run throughout the program:
  • A river runs through it: designing river cities
  • River health: healthy rivers, healthy economies, healthy people
  • River ecology: beneath the surface
  • River knowledge: tools and techniques for action
  • River pressures: pathways to sustainability
  • River partnerships: integrating people, governance and policy
For the purpose of abstract submissions, these 6 key themes are further broken down into sub themes.
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