Call for Abstracts

You are invited to submit an abstract for the 15th International Riversymposium that will contribute to the exploration of the themes and topics.

Submissions close 27 February 2012; there will be no extension to this date.
Submission themes

The overall theme for 2012 is Rivers in a Rapidly Urbanising World and the program will ex
plore the following broad topic areas:
  • A river runs through it: designing river cities
  • River health: healthy rivers, healthy economies, healthy people
  • River ecology: beneath the surface
  • River knowledge: tools and techniques for action
  • River pressures: pathways to sustainability
  • River partnerships: integrating people, governance and policy
For the purpose of abstract submissions, these 6 key themes are further broken down into sub themes.

Key dates

27 February 2012 - Abstract submission closes (there will be NO extensions to this date)
27 April 2012 - Notification of acceptance into program
11 July 2012 - Earlybird registration closes

Things to note

Submissions will be accepted on the basis that all presenting authors must register by the Earlybird deadline of 11 July 2012 to attend at least one day of Riversymposium and must have paid their fee in full prior to the event.

When submitting your abstract, please indicate on the ‘New Account’ page if you intend to submit a full paper for peer review by selecting YES or NO.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Riversymposium Committee. Abstracts accepted for presentation at the Riversymposium must include all details outlined in the guidelines.

Steps to take
Abstract / Interactive Workshops can ONLY be CONSIDERED by following the steps below -
1.    Read the
Abstract / Interactive Workshop Submission Guidelines carefully and ensure you are aware of your obligations
2.    If you are applying for funding assistance, read the
Sponsored Delegate Guidelines carefully and ensure you are aware of the requirements of this process
3.    Prepare your abstract in the MS Word template and save as
LAST NAME_Firstname_Abstract (e.g. SMITH_William_Abstract)
4.    Complete the online Abstract Submission Form
5.    Complete the online Official Copyright Release and Funding Application (if applying for funding)
Completed the above steps? You are now ready to submit your abstract!

Abstract Review Panel
The Riversymposium Committee invites you to express your interest to participate in the 15th International Riversymposium by being part of the Abstract Review Panel.

The Riversymposium presents a holistic view of river and water management, involving all sectors from science and community issues, to industry and business, policy and governance sectors. The 4 day program is a mix of plenary presentations, contributed papers, interactive discussion, study tours and networking events.
The role
Your role as an Abstract Reviewer will see you reviewing up to 25 submitted abstracts to ensure they are of high calibre and reflect innovation in integrated river basin management, restoration, research, practice, policy and implementation.
Your expertise will correspond with the theme of submissions for the Riversymposium including as listed above.

For further information related to reviewing, please read the Terms of Reference.
Key Dates
Expressions of interest close: Friday 17 February 2012
Abstract submission close:Monday 27 February 2012
Notification of acceptance:
Monday 27 February 2012
Abstract review:
Monday 4 March - Wednesday 27 March2012

Reviewers would need to be available from 27 February – 30 March, 2012.
If you are interested in assisting with the delivery of a world class event, please complete the Abstract Review Panel Application Form and return it to Ozaccom+ Conference Services by Friday 17 February.

Call for convening partner sessions
Expressions of interest are welcome from organisations who wish to participate in the 15th International Riversymposium as convening partners.
By participating as a convening partner, you can:
  • work in close consultation on program planning;
  • assist with marketing the sessions and the Riversymposium; and
  • engage a wide range of stakeholders in discussions and debate around a specific issue of their choice.
Convening partner (CP) sessions at the Riversymposium enable convening organisations to coordinate and develop the content, format and speakers.
CP session times can vary from 1.5 – 2 hours to half or full day workshops, allowing for significant interaction and exploration of an issue or topic and will run in parallel with other concurrent sessions or workshops.
Key Dates
Convening partner session submission close: 
Friday 16 March 2012
Notification of acceptance: 
Friday 27 April 2012
Steps to take
If you are interested in participating as Convening Partner, please follow the steps below -
1.    Read the Expression of Interest carefully and ensure you are aware of your obligations.
2.    Complete the Convening Organisation Feature Session Abstract Template and save as Feature_Organisation (e.g. Feature_IWC)
3.   Email your completed Template to Ozaccom+ Conference Services by Friday 16 March 2012


If you need any further clarification or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ozaccom Plus:
Ozaccom Plus Conference Services
T: +61 (07) 3854 1611
F: +61 (07) 3854 1507